Full-Service Events

White Table Events


Weddings are the very heart of White Table Catering Co.  If nothing else, this is why we do what we do.  We love weddings and marriage, and it is upon this passion that our company is built.  Being part of your wedding would be an honor and joy.

Our team operates as a family, and we enjoy being part of your family’s planning team.  We believe that your wedding planning process should involve people who support and care about you and your marriage.  Wedding planning can be stressful, so we strive to have a standard of excellence while adding a fun and personal touch to our creative and planning process. We would be greatly honored to be a part of your wedding celebration.

Corporate Functions

Corporate functions are a blast to be a part of.  They allow employers and employees to let loose and enjoy each other’s company away from the usual work environment.  Whether it is a team-building event, a celebration, or a meal that splits up a program, we love being part of corporate events.

We offer many different styles of service to fit your program.  We are always concerned with your time schedule and service times, making sure your corporate function runs seamlessly.

Private Functions

Private events are one of a kind. Each event requires that custom touch, which is why, with no two private functions alike, we strive to understand our clients as best we can.  A face-to-face consultation is our preferred avenue to understand how we can work together to create your dream event.

Each home and venue offers different assets that can be used together with the program to create a seamless and smooth party. This is where our passion for meeting your vision comes together with our creative and flexible nature.  We enjoy knowing that we were in the planning process together with you when we see those special moments unfold.